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gsalejapan_sux's Journal

Why you shouldn't buy stuff on LJ!
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About the community:

I made this community to freely speak against garagesalejapan . Post your personal *BAD* experiences here, general gripes, people who's crap is way over priced, people on GSG who are b*tchs and just have a stick lodged up there ass, and etc on here. You can also bring up other selling journals on LJ, if you have been unfairly reported on reportthem, ebay,landro, or the net selling places. So feel free to post about any these bad experiences as well.


1. In order to post or see post you must join and be approved!

2. You can post the place about the bad experiences or gripes but please DO NOT include the following things::

~ The persons real names, especially there last name (only user names, and alias online)

~ There address, phone number, or any personal confact information ( while you may find it funny it's a HUGE voilation of there privacy and only garagesale japan losers go around doing dirty shit like that)

3. Make extremly long post or post with pictures WITHOUT putting them under a LJ cut

4. No intro post without giving an expeience!

5. Please use the following format, or something similar to post::

~ Your user name, or selling journal you used
~ User name of who you had a bad experience with, who pissed you off, etc
~ Link to sales post, post that pissed you off
~ Screen caps of the post (if you got them) *please put under a LJ-cut*
~ The bad expeience explanation, rant about someone or sales, etc...

6. Please put all complaint entries or entries asking about a seller or buyer under friends only

7. All entries bring us to attention of a stupid, over priced,or bitchy seller or buyer can be put as public, but please put it where all comments must be approved

8. Please look HERE for a list of sellers and buyers you should avoid! I will update it as more ppl join. ^^


garagesalejapan- suckiest selling journal on lj EVER!
reportthem- a place where they post about who they think ripped them off, and etc