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Intro post na no da!

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Jan. 29th, 2006 | 02:31 pm
posted by: harahetta in gsalejapan_sux

Ok, I made this community because garagesalejapan and reportthem is teh suck! Why you ask? Because there all accusing, lying cheats whom you can't trust!

I made this community as a warning to anyone who's thinking about buying from garagesalejapan! Here's a few of the top reason why not to buy from any of those ho's:

1. There shit is way overpriced!!!

If the difference between buying it new is only a few dollars, why even bother?

2. Don't even believe any of them why they say there stuff's in good condition.

I have bought stuff in the past from gsg, and believe me everyone lies about condition of items. I have got manga where pages are falling out, dvd's that look like there pet/I dunn even wanna know scratched it to hell, j-rock mags that have pages/articles/posters missing; etc

3. The usually rip you off on s+h

Everyone rips off people for s+h. Believe me, there is no way it's going to cost $5 to send a j-rock magazine from inside the US to the US via media mail for $5.00.

4. If your not a well known seller on there or kiss the mod's ass, your liable to get some bitchy feedback in there sellers of shame list or reportthem if anything goes wrong.

I have seen it happen before, something goes wrong in a transaction then some high and mighty bitch post running there mouth about shit they don't even know for sure. That ensues a riots of the crusade of righteous internet followers to jump on there high horse, and try and ruin there life by posting there personal info, calling there parents, sending them threatening emails, stalking and posting anon on there journal, threatening them with suing and mail fraud, and generally trying to make there life a living hell. I have seen it happen to two other ppl in the past; one girl named nezume, and one girl from canada who "supposedly" ripped ppl off for j-rock stuff.

5. They love to call you the immature one, but it is infact, them that are the real immature drama starters

They love to call you the immature one, but when they have something shitty to say if it's not within the sacred walls of GSG, they post anno so they can hide there cowardly faces!

You may want these items on gsg but take my heed, anything that's too good of a deal usually is. It will come to bite you on the ass eventually. I wouldn't trust these people any farther than I could throw them.

And as for the good ppl of LJ....

You think you can just run wild with you sense of vigilantly justice and it won't come back to bite you on the ass? You’re sadly mistaken! What you do is morally and legally wrong, and one day you'll get your comeuppance.

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